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Rosslyn Chapel is a Category A listed building and Scheduled Ancient Monument, located in the village of Roslin, approximately 7 miles south of Edinburgh.  Built between 1446 and 1484, it has been described as an “Architectural Wonder” and a “Library in Stone”.

Practically every surface of Rosslyn Chapel is covered with carvings of individual figures and scenes.  People travel from all over the world to see the carvings, and there are many different interpretations of their meanings.  Myths, legends and Hollywood fiction writing have given Rosslyn a unique sense of mystery and wonder.

Because you can view this unique little building on so many levels, it is very suitable for cross-curricular or community study.  Whether exploring life in the Middle Ages, the effects of the Reformation on religious life, the use of technology in conservation or the challenges of maintaining a visitor attraction, you are sure to find something of interest to explore.

Junior Tour Guides 2013/14 programme.

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Caitlin Andrew, Work Experience Diary

Caitlin Andrew spent a week working with us here at the Chapel on work experience from Penicuik High School. This is Caitlin's week, by Caitlin

Rebecca Young, work experience diary.

Rebecca Young spent a week working with us here at the Chapel on work experience from Lasswade High School. This is Rebecca's week, by Rebecca.